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04-04 A different afternoon - 3rd and 4rd Primary

Last Thursday, March 14, the 3rd and 4th Primary groups enjoyed a “different afternoon” as they had the opportunity to do some activities accompanied by their parents. The interactive groups, as this initiative is called, consists on dividing the classes into small groups and doing activities related to the different subjects for approximately  15 minutes. Once this time is over, the students rotate, this way they are able to go through all the activities designed for that session. 

It is important to thank the work and  help of all the parents; each of them was responsible for supervising an activity and making sure that everything was running smoothly.

It was a very nice evening in which children learnt and enjoyed these many different activities with the parents. We cannot forget that when our students are motivated, learning is always more lasting and enriching.

This was a very good initiative!