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01-11 Pirates Ahoy

Sailing, finding treasure, rowing, singing pirate songs, drawing a good skull and crossed bones pirate sign... These are some of the skills we must master when we are legendary pirates!! Our 5-year-old students have been having a whale of a time trying their hand at being pirates. During the development of this project we have enjoyed varied activities like drawing and interpreting a treasure map, learning the difference between left and right in order to row the boat in the right direction, making our own pirate hat, or talking like a real pirate. In this process, some treasures have been found, some vocabulary and new skills have been learnt, and lots of fun has been had!! Try out your pirate voice and sing along with us!

Row, row, row your boat

Gently down the sea.

I’m a pirate don’t you know,

Come and sail with me!

Captain’s coming! Row!

Left right, left right, left right.

Captain’s gone! Stop!

Phew!! Rest!!