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06-06 Time for a plastic free planet

To celebrate the World Environment Day (the 5th of June), the pupils of 1st year of Secondary School, were invited to the event “the impact of plastic pollution“. This event was organized specially for Hispano Inglés School by the students of 4th year of Secondary School of Cabrera Pinto High School in La Laguna. 2018 is the official year of awareness of a plastic free planet. Micro plastics have already been introduced in the food chain. It is our responsibility to start creating a plastic free world. In this event the pupils joined 4 different workshops:

  • Workshop 1: How micro plastics affect to the food chain.
  • Workshop 2: Why plants are important in our food chain.
  • Workshop 3: Why animals are essential in our food chain.
  • Workshop 4: Recycling and creation of biodegradable plastics.

From Hispano Inglés School, we would like to thank all the students who organized this event, and in particular to their Science teacher, Ms. Marta Casariego. Thanks to all the teachers of the CLIL Programme who supported this event, Ms. Dolores Rodríguez, Ms. María José Lozano, Ms. Elena Rodríguez, Ms. Patricia Guillama and Ms. Carmen Hernández.

Check the following link that was published at the website of Cabrera Pinto High School: