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30-04 Renewable energies are the future!

Is it actually possible to convert the kinetic energy from the wind into electricity by using a wind turbine? Does a solar oven have any effect on the temperature of a glass of water in comparison to the same glass but outside the solar oven? Can we explain the Greenhouse Effect that takes place on the surface of the planet Earth by studying the growth of different seeds inside a greenhouse? These and other questions were answered by the pupils of 2º E.S.O last March as a result of a project based on Renewable Energies in joint collaboration with the subject of Technology. The pupils had the choice to build a wind turbine, a solar oven or a greenhouse. Once it was built, they designed and performed a full experiment to test a hypothesis. Moreover, to research the best options for their projects, we visited ITER (Institute of Technology and Renewable Energies).

In 2º A, the group of Mar, Marcos, Helena, Silvia and Ignacio proved that when using an ice cube in a glass inside a solar oven, it melts faster in comparison to the ice cube outside.

In 2º B, the group of Alejandro, Ismael, Daniel, Aday and Diego, succeed in converting the kinetic energy of their wind turbine into electricity by using a hairdryer as a source of wind.