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10-05 London Fashion week- 6º EP

The London Fashion Week can be considered the UK's fashion showcase. It is held in the capital twice a year, with designers presenting their collections in February and September. This important event provides some clues about what we will wear next season and allows shoppers direct access to designers, industry insiders and influencers.

This year we have brought this important event to our school. Our 6th grade students have been immersed in the world of fashion.  After watching some fashion shows and reading some fashion blogs students have created their collections playing the roles of designers and models. The process started with the selection of the outfits for each collection. Students drew their fashion sketches including the outfits and a complete description of them.

Finally, the fashion show took place during the English Week. Students and teachers could enjoy the different collections and how models and designers showed them walking on the catwalk.