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14-09 Nuestros alumnos en Canadá

La Directora de Programas Internacionales del colegio donde estudian nuestros alumnos en Canadá, nos escribe esta carta.

Delta School District is honoured to welcome the students from Spain to study in our schools this September 2015! 

They are all settled into their homestay families and started school this week. We had a great orientation at the schools last week and a wonderful sightseeing trip to Granville Island and a welcome bowling party. 

Delta has 200 new international students joining us this year, and 600 international students in total from 26 countries!  In the orientation week the new students met and started to make friendships. We walked along the seawall from Science World to Granville Island, seeing Vancouver downtown across the water and enjoying the sights. At Granville Island the students saw the house boats and artist shops. They went through the farmers' markets and listened to musical performers and watched street acts. Some students took the harbour ferry boats while others enjoyed free shopping time with their new friends. 

On September 25th the students have the option of going on a boat trip to Camp Jubilee in the mountains to have a fun day of hiking, archery, and canoeing. Every month we have sightseeing activities planned. We look forward to a wonderful school term ahead!

Dr. Deirdre Annett

Director - International Programs

Delta School District